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Live Directing

Whether it's a show, a concert, an event or a conference, Time4stream is able to guarantee a personalised directing asset for every type of request. The variety of shooting systems and the technical structure in our possession allow us to operate in the live world in a multi-level way, guaranteeing the highest quality of service at the right technical dimension of investment by the customer.

In fact, we have multiple directing structures and different shooting and mixing solutions, but not only. Time4stream, within the event pipeline, can cover various areas: live visual on Led and Led-wall screens, zero latency transmissions in multiconference systems as well as playout systems, live overlay effects or instant editing.


Here are some of the services we offer: 

  • Console and mixing systems up to 20 inputs

  • Camcorders with latest generation 4K sensor

  • Audio/video systems for conventions and conferences

  • Advanced system design and direction configurations

  • Distribution of broadcast IN/OUT signals with LiveU servers/devices

  • Projection systems and Ledwall screens

  • Lighting setting & design

  • Wireless intercom with IP technology

  • Transcoding of transmission signals in real-time

  • Instant editing and personalized digital communication services

Our experience:

  • Sporting events

  • Live Conference

  • Live Format tv

  • Concerts and showcases

  • Theatre and shows

  • Directing News Format

  • Fashion events

  • Commercial event 

  • Automotive

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